Ignoring explicitly provided widget ID ; Shiny doesn't use them

I am trying to use Plotly to visualize on the shiny dashboard. But only the plot background shows up, without the plot and I end up with the following warning:

Warning in origRenderFunc() :
Ignoring explicitly provided widget ID "2ce07ec59b5"; Shiny doesn't use them.

I have tried every tip and trick mentioned so far in StackOverflow and GitHub but to no avail.
Please advise.

If you can list what these are, it will save other users from suggesting things you have already tried. :slightly_smiling_face:

these are the solutions I came across, please help if there are any others...

This is "normal" behavior for plotly within shiny at the moment.

Your second link (https://github.com/ropensci/plotly/issues/985) suggests you should check your code for other possible errors.

If it's possible, share the relevant parts of the app code and maybe someone can help.

And if anyone is interested in why, you can follow these threads:

Why it's OK to ignore for now:

Why it occurs:

Why you need to be careful about modifying global states when writing packages:

For posterity, if you see this warning, you can update plotly to fix it: install.packages("plotly")