ifelse with multiple conditions and categories

Hey everybody!

I need to generate a new categoric variable for a measured laboratory parameter. This variable should show whether the measured parameter is above or under the limit. Yet, the limits are dependent on age and gender:

Translation: Männer = Male, Frauen = Women, Alter = Age

I tried it with something like this:

data <- data %>%
mutate(cat_variable = ifelse(gender == "male" | age < 44,
c(0, 90.8, Inf),
c("okay", "elevated"),
ifelse(gender == "male" | age <.... and this is were i get lost as I don't know how to merge all these conditions

does anybody have a solution for this problem?

Thanks in advance!

You may want to explore case_when() for this.

It would be helpful if you'd post a sample of your "before" data frame and what you'd like it to look like "after" the new variable is added.

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