If one user disconnects all user connections are killed on ShinyApp deployed on shiny open source server

I have deployed a shiny app on shiny open source server. Multiple users can connect to the shiny app at a time. Issue is if one user disconnects (i.e., closes the browser) all other active users also get disconnected. They get below error:


My question : Is this an issue with shiny open source server. I read that shiny open source has only one R process and all users (sessions) use same R process. Is there a way I can get concurrent users accessing my app. In other words, one user per one process. Or some work around to stop all active user connections getting closed. Any pointers ?

Thanks in advance.

That should not happen, unless you have the following line in your server function:

This would really kill the app and the R process.

If disconnecting from the app somehow creates an error, than also all other users would be disconected.

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