If I want a graph using "par()" function, it didn't run

I know it is a stupid problem but when I run this function for this graph, RStudio don't show me it. I use a Mac


No stupid questions, just stupid answers, you know?

par() is just set up—in this case the number of panes by rows and columns. plot() actually displays the data. Because the plot method for objects produced by lm has four by default (out of six), I've used 2,2

m1 <- lm(mpg ~ hp + wt + am,data=mtcars)

Created on 2023-05-01 with reprex v2.0.2

R don't show the graph, how you can see

Using my snippet, confirm?

Of course. Now if I run the function twice, R shows me the graph. I don't know why

Just checking. Come back if it pops up again. I'll be notified.

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