Identify() causing RStudio to crash

I'm using the latest version of RStudio for Mac and when I use identify() function with a pca model (using princomp) I can click the point, a blue arrow appears but then the red stop appears and the function never seems to finish so I have to force quit.

I have also replicated code in RStudio Cloud and that plot is not clickable.

This is the R code: <- princomp(data)
plot($scores, pch = 20)
outlier <- identify($scores)

Thanks in advance for any help.

There should be a Finish button that you can press at the top right of the Plots pane:

Alternatively, pressing Escape should also stop the indicator function. Does that work as you expect?

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Hi Kevin,

I tried it on a windows machine and that was much clearer (although it said to use ESC), and that also then worked on my Mac when I went back to it.

Thanks for your help.

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