IDE Wish List Collation

Just wondered if it might make sense to have one thread for all requests - so that the relevant RStudio staff could look at.
just one
Maybe have it as a sticker so that is always at the top of this category?

For what it is worth, here are a couple off the top of my head

  • In View(df) could a row be highlighted so that if you pan across many columns the position does not get lost
  • Moe than one comment highlight option - say with different colours. I often copy someone's code which has useful comments but I want to add mine and differentate between them

I like the idea of a single thread as well. One feature I'd like to see is the ability to open multiple scripts side-by-side much like Sublime, Atom, notepad++ just to name a few. When I create more complex shiny modules for an app I often have to view related scripts to make sure my references are consistent.


Good thought. This is where some guidance on this vs. the support site would be helpful, as there is a similar thread there already:

Assuming that we're going to make requests here (which I think is probably a better place, since it facilitates discussion around requests), you may want to stick to one request per post so that "likes" can be treated as something like votes for specific ideas.

Didn't realize there was a like button. But that makes sense

Search (and replace) in all open files, with results shown in a panel.

(I'm thinking of what notepad++ does. This was also requested on the help site. The lack of this feature is one of the main reasons I don't use RStudio for anything but R Markdown projects yet.)


I am running v1.0.44 (the company only upgrades periodically), so please ignore if this is possible in a later version.

A view tab (called by View()) can be useful for a quick look at the data, but is not very useful for any more detailed inspection. For such cases I copy the data to Excel. I realise that Excel screws up dates and other formats, but for rapid browsing, filtering, etc. it can be very useful.

Copying the data to the clipboard (before pasting to Excel) involves the somewhat tedious task of wrapping this expression around the data frame in the console:
write.table(df, "clipboard", sep = "\t", row.names = FALSE)

For large data frames this throws an error and e.g. "clipboard-10000", etc. must be used.

Would it be possible to add an option/button to the View() tab to copy the contents to the clipboard?


I'd like to see an Ubuntu repository for RStudio Server (and I'm sure others would appreciate other products as well, but that's the one I want to see). Being able to update it with all of my other software would make maintenance easier than my current method, which typically involves using the version I'm on until I see someone post about something that makes me realize I forgot to update it.


Just adding my request for hackable themes here...


Custom project names (instead of just the folder name).

Earlier requests for the same:


Hi from the RStudio product team! Thanks much for this helpful thread. You should be aware however that while we do hang out on the community site occasionally, the best place to make your request heard is on our Github issue tracker.

More on how to submit feature requests to the product team here:

And here are the most-voted requests: