IDE Feature Request/RFC: Command Palette

I really love addins but you only have to install a handful before the 'Addins' drop down menu becomes a over-long and a drag to use. (:drum:)

A user's only option around this is to assign an addin to a key combination directly, but if we look in Tools -> Modify Keyboard Shortcuts we observe that RStudio already has many more commands than are featured in the default keymap. Key-bindings in R-Studio are a scarce commodity.

The way that other editors (E.g. Atom, Sublime, VSCode) deal with this situation is the 'Command Palette' -
A kind of command search box. VSCode's amazing extension ecosystem is facilitated in no small by part by its slick command palette, see: Visual Studio Code Command Palette. I would really love to see this feature in RStudio. Who agrees?


I would like to like this ten times


For addins, the latest version of RStudio (v1.1.414) does allow you to search and filter to the addin you want to use:


That seems similar to what the command palette that e.g. VSCode or Sublime Text provide (although it only provides access to addins, not all commands available to RStudio).

I do agree having all of the RStudio commands accessible through a global command palette would be useful!

Thanks Kevin, I did explore this and also the 'Browse Addins' command that can now only be triggered by a keyboard shortcut. The problem with both is that the mouse must be used and they're actually quite fiddly since the clickable areas are small on a moderately sized screen.

Can I suggest to make the addins menu (pictured) openable via a keyboard shortcut? That would give us a command palette for addins.

But yes it would be great value in having the RStudio commands acessible this way too, I'm sure it would help people discover IDE features.


I would really love to see this feature in RStudio. Who agrees?

@milesmcbain I agree 200%. Add PyCharm to the list of editors which has a Command Palette (which is indispensable there because it has one of the most bloated keyboard shorcut lists ever). Basically, except Jupyter (which I don't particularly like) and Notepad++, all successful editors/IDE have it today. It's great, and it also speeds up learning quite a bit when you need to use the same editor under different operating systems.

Did anyone file this as a Feature Request in the IDE issue tracker?

I wasn't able to find it based on a quick search. If not, I'd recommend doing so, since it's easier for the devs to keep track of. :+1:

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@mara didn't see your reply! I will file up the issue once I'm back from vacation. Thanks for the suggestion!