IDE doesn't display properly

OS:win 10.0.17134.165
RStudio: 1.2.846


Can you explain in more detail what is the problem? What is not displaying properly? Size of the text?

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I'm with Mishabalyasin,

I would also suggest the "ctrl + -" / control-minus shortcut, which will make your Global Options box smaller.

The problem is solved. "ctrl + -" is great. Thanks.

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@ChengJun can you also share what kind of Windows machine you're running on? We've seen similar issues with an in-house Yoga 2 Pro laptop:

I suspect that the default scaling level used by Windows laptops that also function as tablets is set somewhat higher than usual, which causes over-scaling of some RStudio UI elements.

My PC is ThinkPad E480. Display: 14" IPS FHD (1920 x 1080) antiglare.