icloud isses and R studio on macos

Hi all,

I have gotten a new university laptop (MacBook Air M2) and I have synced all of my files from my old laptop using iCloud and iCloud drive. In these folders, I have old R scripts I have saved.

When using R on my new laptop, it has stopped saving and responding to anything I do (e.g. running code, saving scripts, creating new scripts, changing settings, etc.). Also, several R scripts that are old or have been deleted will populate themselves. I believe this is an iCloud issue because old data sets I have not used on this laptop will populate in my environment. I have made a new user profile on my Mac to confirm this, and it is true--my R studio will work on these alternate user profiles that ARE NOT connected to my iCloud.

I have tried reinstalling and deleting both R and R Studio several times on this user profile as well and all of the same things will populate (including the occasional old data set that I have not read in on this laptop).

I would love to continue to use iCloud and the same user profile for everything and not have to switch over every time I need to use R Studio, so I'm wondering if anyone has run into a similar issue and has been able to fix it. I have attached a screenshot illustrating what I am referring to. Thanks so much!

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