I want to do a complete wipe down and reset of my R/RStudio

I want to do a complete reset of my RStudio. Like when I re-install everything, nothing it preserved/saved.

I tried following these steps, but no luck.. I uninstalled R for Windows, RStudio, and RTools. Then I deleted the RStudio-Desktop folder. Yet, when I redownloaded everything, RStudio returned to exactly how it was when I began the process. I just want everything wiped clean. What am I doing wrong?

What do you mean by "exactly how it was when I began the process"? Do you mean it preserved your preference settings? panel layout?

Did you hold on to your .Rproj file? (which holds some of these settings)

No. Like I will do all of those steps as described above, yet when I redownload everything, it will look exactly the same. The variables stored in my environment will still be there, the scripts I was working on will re-populate, even though I didn't save them. I want everything gone.

How do I get rid of my .Rproj file?

Sorry about your problem

To get a new project and environment

Try opening a new project in a new directory.

Clear your current environment

You can always clear your local environment with the "clear objects from the workspace" broom icon too.

Or you could click menu Session >> Clear workspace

Some background Info on using RStudio to work with

I am not totally sure this will be helpful to you, you might check out Garret's rstudio-essentials webinar series.

RStudio Essentials - The RStudio IDE is bursting with capabilities and features. Do you know how to use them all? This webinar series, “RStudio Essentials,” is the perfect way to learn how to use the IDE to its fullest.

I like the managing change section >> projects in rstudio.