I need help with writing_sheet in {googlesheets4}

I have looked over a lot of forums, but I'm still quite confused about this.

In the googlesheets4 package, gs4_deauth() may be used to deauthenticate, which is useful in the case that your only goal is to read info from a public google sheet. It avoids the need for the browser to pop up and require you to login to your google account.

However, my goal is to write information to my public google sheet (which allows anyone to be editor). This is not allowed unless authenticated.

Can anyone walk me through how to obtain whatever is necessary to do this? I've been struggling with API key vs Oauth2 vs service account, putting things in .json files, pasting in client_id, missing refresh tokens etc, etc, etc....

I Just want to (over)write mtcars on my current public google sheet.

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