I need help with the Linear Probabiliy model

I need to know what the probability is that the average individual will be denied a loan in LPM. What does the number mean: 0.1197479. Is it in percentage? And does it seem reasonable? How do I know if it's reasonable? Please see the code.

koefficienter <- est_model6_adjusted[,1]

pr_medel <- as.numeric(koefficienter[1]+sum(koefficienter[-1]*colMeans(data3[c("pirat","lvrat","phist","unemp","afam","single","hschool")])))


[1] 0.1197479

Hi @adelinakmvc: In order for folks to be able to help, they would need to see the code that produced the table est_model6_adjusted, and likely a small sample of the data, too.

Hi Dromando!

This is the code our teacher wants us to put in the assigment so he can look at it. I don't have access R right not. But would you possible know what the number means? It's a LPM model and the question is "How likely is it that the average individual would get the mortage loan denied?"

Is this the probability 12 % or is the probability 0,12?

Maybe someone else might be able to, but I would need to see the code and data. Also, don't forget to read this: FAQ: Homework Policy

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