I need a Mentorship in R and data science!!!

Hi guys, my name is innocent, i just finished the Google data analytics certificate course, so I am new to R programming but i need a mentorship more like someone who can guild me through the knowledge of R programming and data science in general. Thanks in advance.

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Hi, maybe you need start with most basics things.

A good cookbook:

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M_AcostaCH, Thank you so much for this, this will definatly help me, but i still need someone to talk to for inspiration/motivation.

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I want tell you about my short experience with R and Rstudio.

My first time with R was in a college course making easy maps. I didn't like R, maybe the teacher's techniques aren't better for teaching these things. In short, I did not like R.

After that bad experience, on my own initiative I started using R for statistics.

Then I found a course on statistics that motivated me a lot to continue learning.So I began to make graphs and perform data analysis.

I also started learning how to make maps.

Later I learned about web scraping and I liked it much more. My dream is to be a hacker.

For many months I was without a formal job so I started doing work with R as a freelancer.
I was also dedicated to replicating code that I found on the web.

That's how I started working almost every day with Rstudio where I got more practice.

It is clear that there is no single route but it is important that you start to find your own route.


Thank you so much for this piece of advice.......I appreciate this i really do, Thank you.

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