I must be missing something

I seem to be getting a bizarre error message, although I'm sure it's something obvious I've done. Help?

rm(list = ls())

eGrades <- tibble(email = c("Mickey@umail.ucsb.edu", "Minnie@ucsb.edu"))

gradeScope <- tibble(email = c("Mickey@ucsb.edu", "Minnie@ucsb.edu", "Donald@ucsb.edu"),
                     howManyTurnedIn = c(5, 5, 1))

admit <- gradeScope |> filter(howManyTurnedIn >= 5)
#> Error in eval(expr, envir, enclos): object 'howManyTurnedIn' not found

Created on 2023-10-14 with reprex v2.0.2

I think you may just be missing loading dplyr for the filter() function, try my code below

base::library(package = dplyr) # LOOK HERE
base::library(package = tibble)

eGrades <- tibble::tibble(
  email = c("Mickey@umail.ucsb.edu", "Minnie@ucsb.edu")

gradeScope <- tibble::tibble(
  email           = c("Mickey@ucsb.edu", "Minnie@ucsb.edu", "Donald@ucsb.edu"),
  howManyTurnedIn = c(5, 5, 1)

admit <- gradeScope |> dplyr::filter(howManyTurnedIn >= 5)
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That makes sense, except that tidyverse loads dplyr.

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That's pretty much the only thing I changed, so I'm not sure what else it would be. My code seems to be working in my machine so I'm not sure what else what guidance I can provide.

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Your fix does work. And thank you. But I'd like to understand why library(tidyverse) isn't sufficient.

So usually when you load tidyverse its usually masks the stats::filter() function in favor of dplyr::filter(). For some reason it must not be performing that masking and giving you dplyr by default.

In my code, I only ever explicitly load tibble, not the entire tidyverse, as you did in your original code. Maybe the behavior would be different if you loaded the entire tidyverse.

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Also if this solution worked for you please mark it as solution for future users.

I hit the heart button. I haven't hit the Solution button because I still don't understand why loading tidyverse...which says it loads dplyr...isn't enough.

So here's the best explanation I can offer:

When tidyverse (or dplyr) loads with base::library(package = tidyverse) # or dplyr

You get a message like the following:

dplyr::filter() masks stats::filter()


the following objects are masked from 'package:stats':
filter, lag

As you've pointed out - this is the expected tidyverse behavior to prevent the stats::filter() from interfering with dplyr.

However, when I just load tibble (as you did in your original sample) with base::library(package = tibble)

No messages are given and if I do ?filter it pulls up the stats::filter() function. That's all because I loaded tibble instead of tidyverse. Put simply, loading tibble like you did in your example is not loading the entire tidyverse, it's just loading tibble.

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TRUE but


FALSE. So, as @qquagliano notes, the only filter() in namespace is from [stats}. If further evidence is needed, run sessionInfo(),

Knew it was obvious...just needed a little help!!!

No problem! It's an odd trait of some tidyverse packages that they load parts of other tidyverse packages without loading the whole thing so easy mistake to make.

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