I"m new in R, and with trouble with a chunk of code ggplot

I'm trying to finish a course, but one of my ggplot command isnt working and I dont know why
ggplot(data = all_trips_v2, aes(x=started_at)) +
geom_bar() +
I appreciate any advice . I really dont know what's wrong. The plots dont appear in RStudio, and no error is shown either

Without knowing what all_trips_v2 looks like, it is very hard to say what the problem is. My two suggestions are:

  1. Post the output of dput(head(all_trips_v2$started_at))
  2. Look at the help file for geom_bar and consider whether you should use geom_col instead. Using geom_bar might be correct but it is a common mistake to use it when geom_col would be correct.

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