I’m getting error using the r markdown

I’m trying to document my work using the r markdown. I’m trying to copy and paste the code I used for my analysis, from loading the library and I keep getting restarting the r studio

What is the error? What code have you tried?

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First I’m trying to upload my datasets. And I keep getting an error dataset does not exist in your current working directory (‘c:/user/Dr. IJ/Documents/R’)

I assume that your folder and file exists, but perhaps check again? Maybe restart RStudio and try again too.

You could also work in projects and avoid the absolute file paths:

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Error: ‘202112-divvy-tripdata.CAC’ does not exist in current working directory

This is the code I used
Trips_dec <- read_csv(“202112-divvy-tripdata.csv”)

I have already used this code to upload my data set in r scripts. And I’m using the R markdown to detail my analysis process

with a cac extension?

No it’s csv. It was my keyboard auto correct

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