I heard a great talk at rstudio::conf, but I missed the link to the slides!

I heard so many great talks at rstudio::conf in San Francisco last week, and I'm thrilled to share the knowledge I gained with my co-workers! For most of the presentations, I was able to copy the link to the slides, but there are a few I missed. :frowning: Is there a central location I can check for links to slides and other material?

Here is a GitHub repo that is collecting slide links and presenter's information: https://github.com/EmilHvitfeldt/RStudioConf2020Slides


You might also keep an eye on the RStudio website, since official individual videos of each talk will be posted there as soon as they’re ready (from what I understand, within the next week or two). Past years’ conference videos have links to associated materials, so I’m hoping/guessing that will continue for this year’s videos, as well.


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