I have an error in my data set.


I have an error in my dataset. I imported an excel spread sheet to figure out 2 missing variables. If I dont correct these variables I cant proceed with my analysis. How can I do this. When I inputted the spread sheet and inputted Head (final,10) - this allowed me to filter out the first 10 columns of the spreadsheet, two of the column numberals were missing. How do I address this?

Please post the output of


where DF should be replaced with the name of the data frame containing your data. Please put lines with three back ticks just before and after the output, like this:
Your output here

Hi FJCC do you know a lot about R Studio? Are you able to help me with a problem. my email is shivsawh99@gmail.com I can attach the assignment and see if you can understand it? There are incentives involved if you are able to help me.

I am happy to provide help through this forum. Please post the output I requested in my previous post.

How do I find the name of my data frame?

Is the name of your data frame "final"? If not, show how you imported the Excel spreadsheet.

yes its named final_data. SO do I put it as


Yes, that's what @FJCC was suggesting.

are you able to help me with my assignment?

Please run


and post the output.

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I suppose these are helpful to read too:

My question is

I have to assign the variable green2 to a dataset what equals "high" if the number of days a person spent on vacation is greater than two times median number of days spent by the sample as a whole and "low" otherwise.

I am asking if I use the "assign" function to assign a variable to a function specifically? and what is the code to do that?

Is it this code:
assign(x, value, pos = -1, envir = as.environment(pos),
inherits = FALSE, immediate = TRUE)

Thanks William! Noted.

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