I have a shiny app in which I am trying to deploy to shinyapps.io using github actions but I keep on getting error saying invalid reference format

Here is the link to my github repo with the code:

Link to my github repo

Here is the image with the error message:

I have pass in my shinyapp.io login details into my guthub repo as a secret. But still I cannot deploy the app.

I will really appreciate if someone can help me on this.

There is an example workflow for deploying to shinyapps.io in this repository: actions/examples at v2 · r-lib/actions · GitHub


Thank you very much @Gabor , I have tried following the examples but still I am still unable to deploy the app. Please should I pass in my rsconnect login i.e. name='myname', token='mytoken' and secret='mysecret' in on the github secret as a string. That part is still not clear to me. I guess that is why I am getting the error from. Thank you very much for your help on this!!!

Did you follow the setup of the example workflow? I.e. these lines: actions/examples/shiny-deploy.yaml at b9b479b26069f3cfea18358b4a511478308b2a9e · r-lib/actions · GitHub

Can you link to a failing workflow build?

Yes @Gabor : Here is the link to the failing workflow build: Here is the link

I guess my problem might be I am missing something when I pass in the secrets on github. Here is a screenshot of how I pass in the secret on github.

Thank you very much for the help!!!

I have shared a screenshot of an example how I pass in my shinyapp.io login details secret on github. I think I am missing something there.

In the "Name" field you write RSCONNECT_USER and then use your username in the "Secret" field. Similarly, you create secrets for RSCONNECT_TOKEN and RSCONNECT_SECRET.

Plus you add your app name and account name to the workflow file itself.

@Gabor thank you very much for the help on this, I have been able to fix it and now the app has been successfully deployed.

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