i get a problem in if, else if statment....

I want to write a R programme and create a column in a dataframe by following this rules:
salary < q25, lv=low
salary >=q25 or salary < 75, lv=mid
salary > q75, lv=high

i already got q25 and q75 and i am using package and mutate to add a column about salary lv.

There are the programme.

C_new = mutate(C_sample,
for(i in C_sample$salary){
if(C_sample$salary < q30){
}else if(C_sample$salary > q70){

Rstudio said that there were 50 or more warnings (use warnings() to see the first 50).....

how do i sovle the problem...

R formulas are typically "vectorized," which means you don't need to loop through the rows to apply the function to all of them.

I expect something like this should work. The %>% and case_when functions in dplyr can help make the code more readable.

C_new <- C_sample %>%
   mutate(lv = case_when(salary < q25 ~ "low",    
                         salary < q75 ~ "medium",
                         TRUE         ~ "high"))

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