I can't seem to find anything that will arrange citations by themselves.

I have my own wordpress server where I've just combined sections of code, and whatnot along with markdown and my current styling of documents. Math equations are rendered using a simpler method than Latex, but that's not what I'm here about. I actually did not know about R-Markdown until a few months ago. There's so many coding languages that you become numb to the mention of something new. I absolutely love it. But I can't find a suitable citation generator.

Right now, I use Zotoro, and within wordpress, I do this[to make a citation, zot/bib194/nickname]
or, if I don't have the citation, it will generate for it me by[doing this, https://xoxoxoxo.......]

and it will create the citation number[1] where the brackets are and create an anchor link which works for one continuous page and PDF, and then append this to the bottom of the page it appears on:

ZoteroBib: Fast, free bibliography generator - MLA, APA, Chicago, Harvard citations accessed November 23, 2021, at https://zbib.org/.

I'm not going to lie. I use[this feature a lot], because if you've ever written a paper. You'll know how absolutely awful citing the thing becomes. If some does not exist, can you point me in the direction of a good open development where I can code my own?

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