I can't run shiny apps in my system

I have been working with shiny for a year, but now when I try to run an app in my computer, all I get is a page that does not work

I am currently working with R version 3.6.1, RStudio 1.2.1335 in Windows 10 and the latest version of shiny package.
I uninstalled R, RStudio, removed the shiny package and reinstalled everything, but it didn't work.

Are you running rstudio as administrator? It could be a permissions problem.

Yes, it is in my laptop. I right clicked the Rstudio icon and selected the option "run as administrator", but I keep having the problem.

I realy need something more, I don't want to reconfigure my laptop.
Thank you

Do you have any additional information you could provide us? Also it seems like you have non ASCII characters and empty spaces in your windows user name, this usually brings some unexpected issues when working with RStudio products, could you try changing your user name?

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