I cannot create a path of a file into RSudio!

When doing my assignment I have to:
-create a path or copy and paste the link of the requisite file into: read.csv() brakets.
-assign this -> to a new file, so that your original file is transferred into new file.
-then we work on new file to do assignements.

I cannot create the path of original file. It says, "unexpected entry"
when i want to View the new file, it says, the --- not found.

Please suggest that how path of original file is created. I have correctly imported the file into Rstudio and had set working directory.
When i enter the name of the original file, it shows up with link, which I can successfully copy and paste into console of RStudio!

You need to:

  1. Tell us your operating system
  2. Show us the exact code you used
  3. Show the exact error message without edits
  4. Clarify - are you reading to a new file? Or reading to an object in your R environment?

Thanks for your kind response. My problem is solved. One trick I followed of my teacher was-- converting the backslashes in file address into forward slashes, before writing View and running the command for original dataset.

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