I can not find the graphic tools such as plots

where can I find the graphics tools on Rstudio?

Could you be more specific? What do you mean by graphics tools? Have in mind that Rstudio is an IDE and doesn't have a GUI for plotting like SPSS, MiniTab, etc.

I imported an excel file to R which is the concentration vs. time data. I want to plot the data. The plot in inactivated and also I need to do some pharmacokinetic analysis on my data but I see that the related CRAN is not compatible with the current version of R installed on my computer.


In fact I want to add the above link to the Rstudio but in every attempts it says not compatible with the current version of R on my laptop

I don't understand what you mean with these statements.

CRAN stands for Comprehensive R Archive Network, is not a package, also the link you are providing is for a "task view" not for a particular package.

To help us help you, could you please prepare a reproducible example (reprex) illustrating your issue? Please have a look at this guide, to see how to create one:

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