I am new to R, where could i find/Download R code from this website

Hi Professionals,

I am new to Rstudio for a course. Could you guide me to find R code on this website to start? For example, R code for data visualization.


Jielan Liu

As a beginner to R you may benefit from studying this useful book.
Particularly chapter 3

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I mean from this Rstudio website, could I find any useful code resources?

Thank You

I don't understand why you need code from this website in particular - the book recommended by @nirgrahamuk should be required reading for all R users.

That said, if you do need to go somewhere on the RStudio website to find your code examples, might I suggest having a look at the package cheatsheets. You might take a look at the ggplot2 cheatsheet for data visualization, for example.

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The book is great. I remember there was chance professor showed us R code about ggplot. Hence ggplot was the code I looked for. This book has more comprehensive information about R and data science. ggplot is just one of the package.


Thank You @dvetsch75 . Yes. I think the code I was looking for is cheatsheets. I enrolled a course years ago. I remember the teacher gave us a piece of paper contains codes for R to do visualization.

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