I am new in rstudio

I need help please, my rstudio said me my r graphic engin version Is not supported by my rstudio version. I went to upload the software told me a have the last version

What's your R version? What's your RStudio version?

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My R version is 4.3.2.
The RStudio version is 12.0?

You mean 2023.12.0.

What's your OS and OS version?

Yes I have 2023.12.0.

My OS version is 64 bit Windows

Go to Tools/Global options/General/Graphics.

What are the menus set to? Are they set to Default?

I follow this way Tools/Global options/General/Graphics. I don't see graphic

Mine looks like

I have this

Something is indeed very wrong. But I don't know what it is. You might try uninstalling and re-installing RStudio.

Okay I am going to reinstall it now

Good afternoon Dear
Please who can help me to install limma packages

Thank you very much.
It is not clear for my, please can explain me more about limma packages.

Please I need help to do this on Ubuntu