I am investigating the origin of the tidy library names.

I am investigating the origin of the tidy library names.

do you know origin of the some librarys?

I know the following. It may be wrong.

forcats...Sort, swap letters "factors"
parsnip...caret(carrot) developer Max Kuhn named it.
broom...clean the results or summary.
tibble...tidy table.
dplyr...data + plyr + R

and I don't know that.

tidyverse...why "verse"
vctrs...why don't we use "vector"
ggplot...what is gg.(good game?)
magritter...I think"pipe" or "marge" is near expression.
tidyr..."tidy" + "R language"?
purrr,furrr...what is purrr and why cat,lion hex icon.

If you know of any, I'd appreciate your help.
thank you!

ggplot: grammar of graphics

magrittr: pipe, as in the Magritte painting "this is not a pipe"

lubridate: lubridate dates

vctrs: vector is a builtin function

purrr: perhaps an allusion to cute cats using R; not sure

rvest: play on harvest

recipes: step-by-step methods


I think "verse" in tidyverse came from tidy uniVERSE

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I went historian detective on this...
purrr 0.1.0 | RStudio Blog

Purrr is a new package that fills in the missing pieces in R’s functional programming tools: it’s designed to make your pure functions purrr.



pure = purrr ??
am I right ?

Purr - Idioms by The Free Dictionary

  1. Of an engine, motor, or other piece of machinery, to run very smoothly and efficiently (often signified by a smooth, rich humming noise, not unlike that of a cat's purr).

Both Diesel engines and cats are said to purr at the same frequency, about 26 Hz

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:grin: :grin: :grin:
thank you for that

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