I am getting this error again and again of crash previous session.

Ah yes. I forgot that there was such a thing as I don't use the Cloud. I wonder if we can do some kind of pruning on those files? My guess would be that @sufyan1 does not need all the variables in all the files.

There were 5-6 files which I imported before the error. All has been lost.
i am using the code,
df1 <- read.csv('file name')
to import the files.
Yes You are right its because of memory shortage.
Then what else I can use to get rid of this issue?
What should I do now?

Yes thats a reason behind it. So, how can i get rid of this issue?

Sorry, but my only ideas are installing R and RStudio on your computer or paying $100 for a month of the premium version of Posit Cloud and allocating more memory to the project.

I have also seen quite a few posts that may be for this capstone project (based on their use of the divvy-tripdata files). You might create a new post with the project in the title to see if anyone was successful using Posit Cloud (or RStudio Cloud in the past).

2 EconProf has a good point. People have been using this dataset here more than once. There may be some work arounds.

Another thing is, are you sure that you need all of those fires in RAM at the same time as opposed to having them all loaded and saved in your Cloud workspace workspace?

AS_ an add_on to my question of needing all 6 or 8 files in Ram at the same time do you need all the variables in each file? In one of your screenshots you have a data.frame with 13 variables (columns) . If you do not need all the variables, you could just read in the variables you need at considerable memory savings. See the `fread()~ function in the {data.table} package for a very straight-forward way to do this.
For example :

               select = c("year", "account",  "services"))

reads in three variables out of ten in the .csv file and saves a bit over 40% of space.


I have the same problem! I could solve the case with Excel, but in next steps you need the code in R... could you find any other solution?

@ Vivian_Alexis_Ries

The same problem is a bit vague here :smiley:

I'd suggest that you start a new thread with a fairly detailed description of your working environment, for example are you working in the Posit clowd or on your own machine, OS & versions of R and Rstudio , the output of sessionInfo() and anythiny else you can think of.

This FAQ should have some good suggestions.

Anyway, welcome to the forum.

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Thank you very much! In this moment I will opt to upload the info precleaned in Excel so as I can move forward. Next time, I will get the paid R and therefore avoid this type of errors.

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