Hypothesis Testing using R


I have been trying to use the inference function;

inference(y = data1$temperature, x= data1$country, data = X3041588,
statistic = c(("mean")),
type=c ("ci"),
null = 0,
alternative= c("twosided"),
method=c ("theoretical"),
conf_level = 0.99,
order= c("A", "B"))

After using this, Im constantly getting the error- Error in ci_two_mean_theo(y = y, x = x, conf_level = conf_level, y_name = y_name, :
could not find function "ci_two_mean_theo"

Please help out.

Hi @tnsh11 ,
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Your code is not reproducible because we don't have your data, or know which package the inference() function comes from. See the posting guide about how to make a good reproducible example. However, I suspect your code should look like this:

inference(y = temperature, x = country, data = data1,
  statistic = "mean",
  type = "ci",
  null = 0,
  alternative = "twosided",
  method = "theoretical",
  conf_level = 0.99,
  order = c("A", "B"))

Hope this helps.

Hi @DavoWW,

Thank you for your quick response.

I have used the below package for the inference.


inference(y = data1$temperature, x = data1$country, data = X3041588,
statistic = "mean",
null = 0,
alternative= "twosided",
conf_level = 0.99,
order= c ("country A", "country B")

Now, the error shows - Categorical variable has more than 2 levels, confidence interval is undefined,
use ANOVA to test for a difference between means

Please see attached image, to view the data.

The error says that country has more than two levels. What is the result of


As @DavoWW pointed out, the beginning of your call to inference() should be

inference(y = temperature, x = country, data = data1,

What is X3041588?

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