Huge "QtWebEngineProcess" memory usage and .Rmd files opened in Rstudio Dekstop


Since I install RStudio 1.4 I'm confronted to a bug in the memory usage by the "QtWebEngineProcess"...
Now, I'v downgraded to RStudio 1.3, and this problem continue.
My configuration: Ubuntu 18.04 / R 3.6.3 / Rstudio 1.3 or Rstudio 1.4

Typically, this appear like that : I run RStudio, and directly at the opening (my workspace is empty, no R command) "QtWebEngineProcess" use 700 Mio of memory.
Others RStudio users (using Windows, Ubuntu like me or Mac) says to me that is already huge and not a normal memory usage.
Is that true?

But is not the worst. If I have a .Rmd file opened, or if I open a .Rmd file (even a pretty basic .Rmd) : the memory usage stay at 700 Mio for few seconds, and after the memory usage of the "QtWebEngineProcess" increase very fast : 800 Mio, 900Mio, 1.1 Gio, 1.5 Gio, 1.9 Gio, 2Gio...Then the memory usage decreases and stabilizes at 1.2/1.3 Gio.

  • I try to disable many options in RStudio Global Options (not render code output inline, etc), with no effects.
  • The problem is the same with the default code format options (following advises see here : RStudio Desktop and QtWebEngineProcess on macOS using very much CPU )
  • I try to change the rendering engine to "software", with no effects.

Does someone encounter the same problem? Is that a bug of my RStudio installation?
Have you any idea to fix it?

Thank a lot for all your answers and for any suggestions...


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