HTTPS Redirect Problem


We have an RStudio server. In our internal network, http traffic is blocked. So we want to access RStudio as https. We tried to do this with apache2, we redirect https to proxy pass http://"rstudioserver":8787. This results in the following redirection, which is blocked by our internal network because of http:
If we change the url to https and login, it again redirects to http://"rstudioserver".
Is there any way we can turn this authentication redirection to https? If it's not possible, can we use RStudio Server with an SSL certificate? Or is this a Pro feature?

Hi @ademyazar,

Using SSL certificates with RStudio Server is a pro feature. Please feel free to reach out to the RStudio sales team if you're interested in learning more about RStudio Server Pro.


Also worth noting that you can fix that redirect. It has to do with your "proxy_redirect" or "ProxyPassReverse" or whatever the analog is called in apache-land. Alternatively, by setting headers X-Forwarded-Proto: https and Host: , RStudio might issue better redirects for you.

Proxy rewrites and such can get to be tricky / painful, but it definitely is possible to rewrite / catch redirects. This is a common / important feature for proxies like Apache and nginx.

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