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Hi everyone

I am creating a "textbook" using R Markdown. What a fantastic resource!

It works really well (so far!), but I have two questions (I will post one here, and one in a new thread).

My second question: I would really like to include animations.I have been using the animation package, and can successfully create animations using saveGIF() and saveHTML()... and they look super.

I can include the GIF into my bookdown document using knitr::include_graphics(path="./Animations/Animation.gif"), where I have created the GIF in the `Animations directory. But, as the help suggests, this has limitations, and the HTML is better.

But how to I embed the HTML animation into my bookdown document? Again, I can create the HTML animation (in the Animations directory, along with all the associated files), and I can get it to appear in my bookdown document using this inside a chunk:

htmltools::tags$iframe(title = "Embedded HTML", src = "./Animations/Animation.html", height=800, width=800)

But there are two issues I can see.

The main issue is that I need to specify the height and width explicitly.

The second issue is that I would like to be able to reference this animation, as a figure (as I do successfully with all the other figures in the document). But that doesn't seem to work within a chunk using fig.cap="caption text". Likewise, the fig.align="center" doesn't center the animation either.

It probably suggests that i am doing things the wrong way.

So: After generating the HTML animation, what is the best way to embed said HTML animation in my bookdown document? (Of course, I am thinking of HTML output.)


PS: I prefer base graphics. Old dog; new tricks, etc.

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