How to View pkgdown website as a package user

As a developer, I can take a look at my documentation by running pkgdown::build_site()

But as a user, I need to go to the hosted website. What if that website does not exist? In this case, is there a way that a user can browse the documentation? something like


I know a user can call: help(package = "packagename"), or browseVignettes(package = "packagename"), but how can they load the website created by using pkgdown?

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I think this is dependent on how the package author created their pkgdown website. Is there a specific R package you have in mind?

If the author bundled the pkgdown website with the R package, then you could load it in the browser directly from R (using a combination of system.file() and browseURL()). If it's not bundled with the package, but it is saved in a Git repo (e.g. on GitHub, GitLab, etc.), then you could download the Git repository or use a service like raw.githack to view the site. The worst case scenario is that the pkgdown files aren't available anywhere, so you'd have to clone the Git repository and build it from scratch yourself.

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