How to view github_document locally after html preview has closed?

When I knit a github_document I can view a local html preview just after knitting, but is there a way to locally view the github_document after the preview html has been closed, or to save the preview html?


There should be a saved copy in the same place as your GitHub document. In other words, when I knit me README.Rmd, it will create the right next to it. You can double click that doc to open it.

@fredoxvii but how can I view that md file locally?

You can find it in your project folder, I just double click on it and it opens.

@fredoxvii my .md files open as code. Do your open in a viewer? For instance mine will display no figures or tables.

What is you right click the file and select open with chrome?

Just opens in chrome as code

I see what you are saying. I guess I have always just looked at the preview or looked at it on GitHub where it I would reference it. Because of GitHub, I don't ever look at it locally.

Look at the keep_html argument in the github_document() function

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