How to use str_detect with multiple words


I want to remove few rows that contain different words. For example, variable Country has several countries in it and I want to exclude the rows with Mexico and Cambodia. I was trying to do something like this:
df <- df %>%
filter(str_detect(Country, "Mexico", "Cambodia", negate = TRUE))

How can I remove rows with specific words in it?


In a regular expression, | means OR.


DF <- data.frame(Country = c("Austria", "Cambodia", "Congo", "Mexico", "Nepal"))
#>    Country
#> 1  Austria
#> 2 Cambodia
#> 3    Congo
#> 4   Mexico
#> 5    Nepal
DF <- DF %>%
  filter(str_detect(Country, "Mexico|Cambodia", negate = TRUE))
#>   Country
#> 1 Austria
#> 2   Congo
#> 3   Nepal

Created on 2020-06-15 by the reprex package (v0.3.0)

Thanks @FJCC! Why didn't I think about including OR? Anyhow, it seems like str_detect doesn't work right for me for some reason. Here is my code and Error:

Thanks for your help!

Do not put quotes around each country name. Put quotes around the entire regular expression.
Not this


Use this


Perfect! It works...Thank you!

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