How to use SIBER and load my raw data into Rstudio

Hi guys I am new here and not sure if I can post this here, if not, I apologize.

I am having so much trouble to use the new Siber package of R. It was before inside the Siar and now it has a package of its own, I dont know how to use it at Rstudio because a lot of the packages required to be installed I cant load at Rstudio, although I could load all of them at Rconsole (latest version), I just don't know where to start !!!

My data is ready to be analyzed but how to work with it??

Thanks in advance!

Hello and welcome!

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As it is not clear what issue you encountered, you should specifically see the one on how to ask R related question

I understood you want to install SIBER :package:. Did you try install.packages("SIBER") or using install button in package panel in RStudio ? if so, did you have error messages ?

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Dear cderv, thank you for your reply. I did manage to use Siber in Rstudio, I was able to make the demo graphics and etc but I am having trouble to use my own data, How can I input my own data and analyse it? from the beginning?

Because if I follow tha protocol it will give me the answer from the isnt' it? Ive tried to input my own data a million times in so many different ways. This is what I am doing so far after installing all the packages nedded for Siber (hdrcde, graphics, grDevices, mnormt, rjags, spatstat.utils, stats, viridis, tidyr, dplyr, ggplot2, magrittr):



siberdata <- read.table("siber2.csv", header=TRUE, sep = ";",


In data(siberdata) : data set ‘siberdata’ not found
I always get this message

If the first line succeeded with no error, it should have create an object siberdata containing the data read from your csv.

No need to call data(siberdata) : this is use in the example to call the data contained inside a package. No need here. Call siberdata directly. You should have a data.frame resulting from read.table.

After that, follow the documentation and help pages from SIBER :package:. I do not know this one. Can't help you with that.

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