How to use Leaflet Plugins in RStudio

I am fairly new when it comes to leaflet and R. I am able to fully create my maps and get them to work, for the most part. Where I am starting to stumble is when it comes to certain plug-ins.

I followed these directions

and I was able to get the leaflet-easyPrint to kind of work but if I want to use

it doesn't work at all, and I don't get any errors to try and troubleshoot.

I have 9 different groups of polygons and they are formatted with color palettes based on data values. What my end goal would be is where my layer control is laid out like

  • Group A
    • 12 Month
    • 36 Month
    • YTD
  • Group B
    • 12 Month
    • 36 Month
    • YTD
  • Group C
    • 12 Month
    • 36 month
    • YTD

And then they can only select one like you can set it up like baselayer in the build in layer control.

Does anyone have any experience or advice? I have googled and searched but am not finding anything overly helpful.


you can see the most of leaflet plugins in here:

Thank you for the reply. I had actually looked at that GitHub page before making my post. It does have a lot of plugins listed. My issue isn't with finding the plugins though, it is how do I incorporate them into RStudio and have them work properly.

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