How to use {gargle} to allow the end user of a shiny app to authenticate themselves and use their own auth?

Suppose I want to allow users of a shiny app to browse all their Google Sheets. I know how to provide my own auth token and then all the shiny users will have access to my Google Sheets, but how can I achieve users authenticating themselves from within shiny?

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This is basically a long-running gargle issue.

It is possible-ish now but it's not nice.

Basically either I need to give this matter a generous amount of time or I need to partner with a Shiny expert. I am motivated to make this nice! Could you be that expert? :slightly_smiling_face:

Auth stuff is not something I'm very knowledgeable about (it took me an entire hour yesterday to just figure out how to authenticate myself with googlesheet4/googledrive...) but I'd be happy to at least see what's involved and if I could help. How would we get started, where should we discuss this - over the GH issue? Chat?

I feel pretty confident that together we have the right skills and knowledge. Either to get it done or to get very far and ask others to help clarify specific points.

We should probably set up a time to just chat. Let's pursue that via email.

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