How to upload classical RStudio file into RStudio.Cloud

Hello, can somebody please give me advise how to upload existing project into RStudio.Cloud (.Rmd file).
Thank you very much!

Hi, you should be able to use the Upload button to move the file from you machine to the RStudio Cloud project you're working in.

Hi, thank you very much for your advice, but i don't know how to find this button. :-/ Can you please send me a screenshot or advice where to find this button?

Jan Žemlička

The upload button is in the Files tab, is the Files, Plots, Packages, Help, Viewer pane.

I'd suggest first zipping the project you want to bring over to, and then upload the zip file. will automatically unzip it.

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I don't see this menu. When I start at this screen, how to get to this button?

Ah, click new project, or click on your existing project.

Upload is under Files

Now I am in a new project. How to continue?

Now I see this button.
Thank you very much! :slight_smile:

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