How to upgrade R to the latest version (4.0.0) in RStudio cloud?

I can’t upgrade the "survival" package to the latest version. (I get a message: All packages are up to date.) Maybe, I need to upgrade R (3.6.0) to a new version (4.0.0)? How to do it? Thank you!


R version 4.0.0 was recently released and we have not integrated it into cloud at the moment. We are presently working on doing so but I do not have an ETA for when it will officially be released on cloud.


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I'm not sure you should need version 4.0.0 of R in order to install/upgrade survival.

What version are you presently on? What version are you trying to update too? Also how are you trying to update it?


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Thanks for your hint!

I did again:

install.packages ("survival")

but instead

library (survival)

which gave: "Warning: In plot () "cumhaz" is not a graphical parameter"

I just checked "survival" on the packages tab.

It is not clear (for me) why, but this time parameter "cumhaz" (that I need) involved!

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