How to upgrade open source RStudio to RStudio Pro

I am not quite sure how does the RStudio Server Pro licensing works. If we have license for prod and non-prod environment, can we install more than one RStudio Server Pro in non-prod environment or do we need separate license for each new server pro installation?
I have installed an RStudio Server (open source) in one of the non-prod environment, provided I get a license key, where can I find steps to upgrade open source version to "Pro" version? Also, if there are any pre-requisite or post-upgrade steps which may not be documented somewhere but you maybe aware of.
Thanks in advance for your response.

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The upgrade process is documented in the support article Upgrading RStudio Server.

You have to remove the existing RStudio Server install, and then install RStudio Server Pro. Your existing configuration settings will remain in place, but after the upgrade you may want to take advantage of the additional features of RStudio Server Pro.

Refer to the RStudio Server Pro administration guide.

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