How to update to correct RStudio version

I just installed the latest version of R on my Mac (OS 10.13.xx), and suddenly, 1) many of the packages I had are no longer visible in RStudio (as if never installed), and 2) I get the warning:

Warning message:
R graphics engine version 15 is not supported by this version of RStudio. The Plots tab will be disabled until a newer version of RStudio is installed.

The thing is, when I click Help > Check for Updates, I get a message saying "You're using the newest version of RStudio." And if I go directly to RStudio's download page, I have to go to older version of RStudio since the latest is for Mac OS 10.15+, but there is no information on the page about which version of RStudio is compatible with which version of Mac OS X.

Does anyone know which is the latest version of RStudio that is compatible with Mac OS 10.13+?

Thanks for any help!

Apple ended support for MacOS 10.13 almost two years ago, so no newer builds of RStudio will work with it. Your options are likely either to go back to an older version of R, or update to a newer version of macOS that can run a more recent version of RStudio.

To answer your question directly, though, try version 1.4.1743: 1.4.1743-4

Thanks @jonathan . The version you linked, as well as the version previous that one, both produce this message:

but the one previous to that one, RStudio Desktop 1.3.1093 , did work, but still doesn't like the new R version.

The problem isn't just about me, but also my students: Some don't have the resources to purchase new machines, so are stuck having to use older versions, which is why it would be helpful if RStudio kept the compatibility information available, including R version compatibility.

As for me, I'll try my hand at changing the R version and will post separately if I run into trouble there, too.

Thanks again.

Unfortunately Apple makes it prohibitively difficult to develop software for old/unsupported macOS versions, so we have no reasonable mechanism to build or test on these platforms. Generally speaking we can't make software for platforms that the vendor themselves doesn't support any more. Platform Support - RStudio

Using a version of R and RStudio that's a similar vintage to your machine is probably the best you can do here. You might also look into, which offers the IDE in a zero-setup browser-based environment:

I think I might not have said very clearly what I meant: I'm not suggesting development of any non-existing resources, just that I would expect RStudio folks to have the best picture of what combinations of RStudio, R, and OS versions are already known to work, and could simply document those somewhere. That way folks who lag in access to newer versions could sort out combinations that would work for them. Or maybe I'm misunderstanding you, and even that might be too big a drain on RStudio resources? I wasn't imagining even a need for testing, just documenting, but maybe there are other issues involved that I'm not in a position to be aware of.

Oh yes, I misunderstood! That's a great request and we'll take it under consideration.

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