how to update/refresh an excel file with formulas from within R? (without opening it manually!)

I have some excel file that contains various formulas. I would like to import the files in R, but before that I need to update their formulas.

Can I use xlsx (or another R package) in Rstudio to refresh the file before importing it? is that possible in R? I would like to avoid opening the file manually if possible.



You might want to take a look at the Tidyxl package, which has some awesome tools for extracting meta-data from excel files.

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thanks but what I am trying to do is pretty simple actually. I just want to refresh my worksheet before importing it in R. I need to refresh it because the excel file contains formulas.

I'm not sure if this would help but the RDCOMClient package allows you to to interact with Excel programmatically, maybe you could use it to trigger an update.

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Hi , the Excel formula will be automatically updated if I put is available, but are you referring to pivot tables or just formulas.

Is there a requirement to add additional rows in Excel prior to import in R

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Could this be done with a call to the system commands, or run a system batch file, that sends a keystroke to the Excel window, like CTRL-S for "save"?



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