How to update a data set in an already installed package?

Is there a way to update a data set that is in the /data directory in an already installed package?

I would like to add a function to the package like updateData <- function(path){} where the path would give the location of source data that would be processed and used for updating the data set in /data.

Clarification: Based on what I have read, it appears that packages aren't supposed to be updated in this way. However, I am not entirely sure if that is the case at this time, so I am inquiring about if there is actually a well accepted approach to doing this.

Why would you want to do this? One drawback I can imagine is anything you write using the data wouldn't be reproducible by others.

If you think the data needs fixed, you can ask the maintainer to do so. Just use the maintainer("<package name>") command to see who to contact.

I have a use case where the user of the package would benefit from being able to modify the data set.