How to unlist many lists at the same time?

I am new to R and dealing with a large array. As you can see from the image, the 52nd item in my array is a list [1x1x1]. It contains another list [1x113], and each one of the 113 elements contains a double [n x 1].
I can extract each 'double' by unlisting like so:

data=unlist(mylist[[52]] [[1]] [[2]])

"data" here is the numeric vector that I need (essentially my data).

My question is: Can I do it for many 'doubles' at once? Instead of doing the same thing over and over like:

data2=unlist(mylist[[52]] [[1]] [[2]])
data3=unlist(mylist[[52]] [[1]] [[3]])
data4=unlist(mylist[[52]] [[1]] [[4]])
data5=unlist(mylist[[52]] [[1]] [[5]]) .... and so on???

Ideally, I'd like to specify which elements I want to extract, for example [[52]] [[1]] [[3, 5]]

Sorry if I was not 100% clear but I am still trying to learn the R lingo... -_-



Without a reprex. See the FAQ, I'll just offer a top-of-the-head.

# Have a chatbot write a program in the r programming language 
# to create a list of 52 elements each of which contains 
# 113 lists each of which contains a list each of which 
# contains a random integer in the range 10000 99999
# this one is from

# Set the number of elements, sublists, and nested sublists
num_elements <- 52
num_sublists <- 113
num_nested_sublists <- 1

# Create an empty list to hold the output
output_list <- list()

# Loop over the number of elements and create a sublist for each
for (i in 1:num_elements) {
  # Create an empty sublist to hold the nested sublists
  sublist <- list()
  # Loop over the number of sublists and create a nested sublist for each
  for (j in 1:num_sublists) {
    # Create an empty nested sublist to hold the random integer
    nested_sublist <- list()
    # Generate a random integer in the desired range and add it to the nested sublist
    random_int <- sample(10000:99999, size = 1)
    nested_sublist[[1]] <- random_int
    # Add the nested sublist to the current sublist
    sublist[[j]] <- nested_sublist
  # Add the current sublist to the output list
  output_list[[i]] <- sublist

# one way to do it
take <- function(x,y) output_list[x][[1]][[y]][[1]]
#> [1] 13040 83481

Created on 2023-03-21 with reprex v2.0.2

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