How to turn off undesirable_function_linter in .lintr ?

With the latest version of lintr, I am getting some fails which I have not had before. While I figure out the best way to handle this, I would like to turn off a couple of checks. I have successfully turned off indentation checks with indentation_linter=NULL in the .lintr file. I would like to do the same with undesirable_function_linter, but am getting configuration errors. Can someone give me an example of how to turn off undesirable_function_linter? Thanks.

Ack! My .lintr file was ADDING undesirable_function_linter:

linters: linters_with_defaults(
    cyclocomp_linter(complexity_limit = 22),
    undesirable_function_linter = undesirable_function_linter()

I just needed to remove that line!


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