How to treat NAs introduced by coersion?

Hello, I faced on this error. Actually, there are many cases and solutions on internet to deal with that error, reproducing an example with an insertation of some characters...but I couldn't find the solution dealing with error case that occurred with existing csv file.

I downloaded this csv file on somewhere and found it contains character forms like as following :

Since I wanted to calculate using these, I tried to convert it with 'as.integer', but got that error.

I looked into the types of variables and they were as followings :

So what should I do to convert those character things into integer? Some examples are explaining using 'gsub', but I even don't know which character I have to eliminate...At first I tried to use 'gsub("-", "", data)', but it didn't work. Please help me.

"NAs introduced by coercion" isn't an error. It's just a warning to let you know that some strings don't represent numbers. Those are correctly changed to NA.

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