How to transfer workspace .RData and .Rhistory from Windows to open in MacOS?

I just converted to MacOS from my old Windows laptop. After syncing the files, I realized that the Mac couldn't detect .RData and .Rhistory while syncing from cloud, and even after I downloaded them manually and tried opening them with RStudio it didn't work and showed the error message saying that:
File is binary rather than text so cannot be opened by the source editor.

Tried Googling for ways to fix but with no avail.

Hi @ClarissaCat
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Those files are normally opened automatically by R, and hence RStudio, when they are located in the current working directory and the settings are correct. The contents of .Rdata will appear as objects in the pane and the old commands in the pane.

One way to achieve this is to open a new RStudio project in the directory where the files are located. If that doesn't work check your RStudio global settings.

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