How to test non independent data

I am new to stats and R and am unsure what test to use to analyze my data.
Screen Shot 2021-07-13 at 15.12.01
I am wanting to find out if the number of individuals in each category is significantly different. There are 11 categories A-K. It is not independent as sightings could be the same individuals over time.

I was suggested to do a mixed-model test so have tried to do an anova using lmer followed by pairwise Bonferroni,
Numeff<- lmer(Sighting.IDD~Water.clarity.catagory.letterD+(1|NumberofHDolphins))
which works but I don't think is right with the columns I have (what to use as the random variable ( +(1|.?.))and while it works the pairwise results are also not what I would expect.

Any help or direction would be much appreciated

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