How to start a new project using a badge in github's

I'm using the GitHub classroom to apply assignments to my students. Github classroom has a nice feature that allows you to use as an online IDE.

As I'm using R, I would like to use RStudio instead of My current solution is using to create the RStudio environment that also imports the GitHub code. The problem is that mybinder takes too much time to create the environment, and there is no point to cache the build because every time the student push code to the auto assessment (check if the assignment is right), mybinder sees as a new repo and starts building it over again.

I know we can create assignments in RStudio Cloud. We can also import GitHub projects into RStudio Cloud, but for GitHub classroom do the auto assessment, the student has to commit the code to their copy of the assignment.

Is there any way to call the student's RStudio Cloud account, asking the user to clone the current github repository in a new Project?

The workflow could be like this:
Click the badge -> opens the RStudio Cloud -> if not logged in, ask the user to log in -> opens a "Create Project from GitHub" with the URL automatically filled -> the student clicks ok, and the user can work on the assignment.


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